Frequently Asked Questions

What are Renew℠ Treatments?
Renew℠ Treatments are a non-surgical and FDA cleared to improve blood flow.

How do Renew℠ Treatments work?
Renew℠ Treatments increase blood flow by gently squeezing blood from your lower body toward your heart. Inflatable cuffs (like blood pressure cuffs) are wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips. Between heartbeats, the cuffs inflate and deflate in rapid succession from the calves up to the hips. These external pulses increase blood flow throughout the your body.

What are the advantages of Renew℠ Treatments?
Renew℠ Treatments are non-surgical, requires no drugs or hospitalization, and does not limit your regular activities.

Are there any risks associated Renew℠ Treatments?
Please see Contraindications. In general, most people tolerate Renew℠ Treatments with no major discomfort.

Is there an age limit for Renew℠ Treatments?
Yes, only adults 21 or older are eligible for Renew℠ Treatments and patients must be evaluated by a physician prior to starting Renew℠ Treatments.

Who is not a candidate for Renew℠ Treatments?
Please refer to Contraindications.

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